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Desolation greets the earth

As I stare through my minds eye,

My heart aches as I feel the anguish of bleeding hearts

With no light of hope, the world seems a dark place.

Sullen Cries of orphaned kids ring through my deafened ears

Too sad to cry, their eyes stare blank.

Structures upon a time, houses scarcely stand bare.

Blooming farmlands turned charred grounds.

Wailing widows run the ruins searching for their kids,

with Red swollen eyes streaming down steaming tears.

The smell of death fills the air

Bald scavengers circle above eyeing their next meal.

Happiness seems a stranger, a smile some distant memory

Despair greets the earth and my heart cries out.

Silver Morning

Taking a peek through nature’s window,

I see the world as dark fog’s lift and snake clouds crawl away.

Clear skies emerge as merry birds chirp

The atmosphere is gay 

With the promise of a sunny day

Then the wind shifts.

As the gentle sea stirs, the tide changes

With clouds the colour of metal, the skies roar

Ready to mate with the earth in crystal drops.

The earth is heavy with child and nature’s beauty is born.

Rainbow flowers emerge laced with golden cuffs.